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The Day After A Christmas Carol

Tickets are $10.00 a person.

Shows run November 22nd- December 21st

Exciting News

We are growing! Come alongside us in this exciting adventure.

Flowing Wells Theatre by Enopion Groundbreaking

October 17, 2019

Welcome to The Enopion Theatre Company

Georgia’s only Bible theatre company, ENOPION brings the gospel message to life on stage and fulfill the great commission- one play at a time..

The stage is a great catalyst for spreading the gospel message, making each actor an ambassador for Christ.

We are a non-profit theatre community that:

  • Creates and perform musicals, plays, and dinner theatres based on the Bible. With every performance Jesus Christ is professed as Savior which fulfills our purpose and mission.
  • Is a place for actors who profess Christ, call themselves Christian, and believe that it is important to tell others about Christ.
  • Serves audience members who desire to maintain Biblical principles that honor God in what they choose for entertainment  for themselves and their family.
“We have been to several of the plays. This was one of the very best.  The music, acting, settings, costumes, humor, serious message, everything was A++.” Clay and Priscilla


“I would like the audience to know that each of them has been prayed for before they arrived.  We sincerely hope that they see God in every production and come to better knowledge of how much He loves them. “ Kelly, Actor with Enopion

“THE SHIRE was very, very good.  The acting, music and especially the message was so good.  It was well with the $12.00 to see the play.  Thank you so much for all the effort everyone, actors and stage hands, put into the play.” Dan