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“I enjoy producing an art form alongside those sharing my core beliefs for not only fun, but as also a ministry; demonstrating biblical principles through a great medium.”  - Joel, Actor with ENOPION

Want to be part of the ENOPION family and something truly inspirational?


We are always looking to join hands with dependable, dedicated, and disciplined actors,

Through rehearsals and our productions you will be supported, encouraged, and truly able to use your gifts for the glory of God. We are a theatre company unlike any other!  The stage is a great catalyst for spreading the gospel message, making each actor an ambassador for Christ.

We are a volunteer-based group run by a professional theatre staff and each production is thoughtfully put together to include all original scripts, music, modern light and sound technology and sets that are professionally built by a team of volunteers.  In our 19th year, we have a loyal and growing audience and produce 3 shows per year.

“Do you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?  Therefore honor God with your body.”– Cor 6:19-20

The Enopion way is God-oriented.  Our vehicle is the stage, but the purpose is always to glorify God.  We end each production with a bow and “To God Be The Glory”! Every role in our company is essential with the sole purpose of bringing the truth of God’s Word to our audience.

  • All of our actors profess a belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  • Auditions and interviews are by appointment.  Each actor must prepare a one-minute monologue.  
  • Sides will also be given for a cold read. Each actor must also sing a song- with accompaniment or acapella.

Our next show dates will be announced soon for Fall 2018.  Our current production has already been cast. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter below to be notified of our next open auditions!