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Children's Theatre Classes

“Following Yonder Star”

Three quirky Wise King/Queens are searching for a baby king, but the journey takes a little longer than expected!

Will it be too late to meet the king they have so diligently searched for?…

Cast Announcements for our theatre classes!

Teens & Tweens

King 1: Lewis Harrison
King 2: Sam Reynolds
Queen 3: Kayleigh Smith
Mary: Lucille Harrison
Maid: Katherine Darr
Innkeeper: Vita Murphy


Queen 1: Alexis Carter
Queen 2: Hannah Doss
Queen 3: Sarah Carpenter
Queen 4: Ceili Rain Character
Receptionist 1: Kai Chiba
Receptionist 2: Hannah Mongillo
Mary: Ellen Schaeffer
Martha: Esther Doss
Guard: EJ Laturell
Miriam: Abigail Mongillo

All Boys

King 1: Lucas Edwards
King 2: Noah Edwards
John: Noah Doss
Guard: Kasey Gruwell
Innkeeper: Joseph Doss

Zoo Class

Camel 1: Anna Belle Wilson
Camel 2: Jackson Westbrook
Camel 3: Roman Westbrook
Cow: Grant Westbrook
Cat: Autumn Wagher
Sheep: Ryan Dupree