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Our upcoming class will be for ages 12 and up.

More information to come!

Meet the Teacher – Miss Corinna

Corinna Rezzelle is a California-based Teaching Artist
and Costumer.
She has taught theatre in schools, community centers, and theatres across the country, primarily working with students between the ages 1 (that’s right!) – 15.
She holds two teaching credentials in English and in Drama,
but also holds a license in Kindermusik.
She has a Master’s degree from New York University’s Educational Theatre program and a BFA in Performing Arts from SCAD.
Miss Corinna strives to create engaging theatre curriculum
for all of her students
using multiple artist mediums and disciplines.
She cannot wait to meet and work with your students! 

“The program is adding value to the students. Having a theatre class online is allowing the students to remain creative, find moments to play and engage with other like-minded kids through an interactive platform.”