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Til The End of The Rainbow

Our next production opens February 14th!

Til The End of The Rainbow

An original musical with a message that will touch your heart opens is now playing at

The Ivory Box Theatre.

This beautiful and sentimental musical is the perfect show for February and for your Valentine. The setting is the home of Tom and Katherine as they reminisce about their life together. It’s a sweet, romantic remembrance as they dance and sing to the songs of their courtship and the “honeymoon time” of their marriage. You will recognize songs like “Unforgettable”, “When I Grow too Old to Dream” and many more.

In this quaint family setting you will meet their daughter, Elizabeth. There is a special moment between mother and daughter as they express things that every parent and child relationship desires to know; which makes it a perfect show for mothers and daughters, too.

While this story is not real it will touch your heart as it deals with some very real issues of aging parents and childhood regrets.

The love of the Lord is expressed in the lives of our characters, because without Him where would the comfort come from to be able to endure such life issues.  We pray for all that you will be inspired and draw a comfort from our work on the stage

Show Dates:

We just added a few new show times!

Thursday, Feb 14th:  7pm

Friday, Feb 15th:   4:00 and 6:30pm (the 6:30 show is SOLD OUT)

Saturday, Feb 16th:  1pm  and 4 pm (the 1pm show is SOLD OUT)

Monday, Feb 18th:   1pm

Thursday, Feb 21st:  7pm

Friday, Feb 22nd:  5 pm and 7pm (The 7pm show is SOLD OUT!)

Saturday, Feb 23rd:  3pm  and 6 pm (The 3pm show is  SOLD OUT! )

Friday, March 1st:  6:30pm

Saturday, March 2nd:  1pm & 4pm  (the 1 pm show is SOLD OUT)

Tickets are $10 and all shows will be held at The Ivory Box Theatre, 3814 Commercial Court, Martinez, GA  30907 (right across the street from the Martinez Post Office.)