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Audition to be a part of the first production in our NEW Theatre!

We are looking for actors Ages 16 and up to participate in this Dining Theatre Experience.

Rehearsals begin November 7th.

  • Prepare a one-minute monologue. You may choose one of ours below or prepare your own.
  • Sides will also be given for a cold read.
  • Each actor must also sing a song- with accompaniment or acapella.

The Cure

The place; a small rural town called Jeru-Salem, where the people are a hardworking, God-fearin’ folk. Many are farmers who believe in working the land to reap what they sow. Joe and Mary Carpenter have fallen into the slow cadence of life in this small town and are raising up two boys, Joshua and James. But Mary has found herself “in the family way” again. This time she is praying for a girl. You’ll meet the other town folk as they gather for prayer meetings, sing those old Gospel songs of days gone by, visit with neighbors and go about their day.

But something is about to change in this little town… a sickness that sweeps across the globe wiping out town after town and now it has hit this little community of Jeru-Salem. There is only one hope, one solution that can save them – The Cure.

We are always looking to join hands with dependable, dedicated, and disciplined actors.

Throughout rehearsals and performances, you will be supported, encouraged, and truly able to use your gifts for the glory of God.

We are a theatre company unlike any other!

The stage is a great catalyst for spreading the gospel message, making each actor an ambassador for Christ.

We are a volunteer-based group run by a professional theatre staff and each production is thoughtfully put together to include all original scripts, music, modern light and sound technology and sets that are professionally built by a team of volunteers.

Now in our 23rd year, we have a loyal and growing audience and produce several shows per year.

The ENOPION way is God-oriented.  Our vehicle is the stage, but the purpose is always to glorify God.

We end each production with a bow and “To God Be The Glory!”

Every role in our company is essential with the sole purpose of bringing the truth of God’s Word to our audience.


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