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Our Brick Donors









 We are so thankful for those who have come along beside ENOPION.
These bricks will “pave the way” into the theatre entrance and will
forever be a remembrance of the faith, that each one has,
n knowing how God Provides.

                                                            May God Bless You !

Tomlyn Avera

Mr. & Mrs. Wm Bemis-Breznen

Kathy Chalker

Jennifer & Corry Craine

Bill Fitzgerald

Pax & Peggy Gillingham

Tim & Sheree Gruwell

Greg Hatfield

Lori Hoover

Christine Johnson

Dave & Lou Killough

Philip Marsingill

Bob Matthews

Elizabeth McLendon

Sandy Mullikin

Dennis Norviel

Ed Oetjen

Randy Oetjen

Virginia Oetjen

James Perkins

Emily Pinto

Emily & Osmani Pinto

Louise Raybon

Caroline Reddick

Carol & Rick Rezzelle

Rich Rogers

Roger Rollins

Debra Ross

Bobby & Debra Ross

Timothy W. Shepard

Chuck Smith

Sherry Thom

Donna Marie Vallois

Pat Vanderhoof

Andrew Williams

Brenda Williamson


You can help us pave the way by purchasing a brick that will be placed on the path way leading up to our new Theatre on Flowing Wells Road.

We would love to fill our walkway with messages from you!

It is our hope that you will choose to support us in this fun way.