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Cain and Abel

Cain & Abel

This newest musical production by ENOPION is based on Genesis 3:21 – 4:15. Our story begins just after the Fall of man as the world completes its first century of existence. Adam and Eve have many children now and they continue to adjust to their lives outside of that perfect paradise, that once was had, in the Garden of Eden. Their sons, Cain and Abel must “work out their salvation” as they prepare to make an offering to God. But what do you offer to the Creator of everything?

Congratulations to our Casts on a great show run!

ADAM – Ulric Groves

EVE – Shelby Aycox

CAIN – Scott Hunter

ABEL – Jarod Handrop

NARRATOR 1 – Heather Massey / Debra Ross

NARRATOR 2 – Abbie Character

ADAM – Russ Gray

EVE – Kristina Mongillo

CAIN – Patrick Hallisy

ABEL – Ben Goss

NARRATOR 1 – Tammy Carpenter

NARRATOR 2 – Stephanie Hallisy / Bob Matthews

Junior Actors

LEENA – Ceili Rain Character / Ana Corbin / Abigail Woo

TURTIA – Hannah Coyle / Abigail Mongillo

KATINK – Hannah Mongillo / Ellen Schaeffer

SETH – Kasey Gruwell / EJ Laturell / Noah Woo


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