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The Young ENOPION Performers Present

Lilly White and the Seven

This is a familiar story that is commonly found in children’s story books. You will recognize the theme: Girl has a jealous Stepmother – Girl meets prince – Girl is hidden away – Prince finds Girl – They live happily ever after.  But what if we could tell the story in a way that takes this familiar plot and causes you to think about the Gospel. Well… we have done it. “ Lilly White and the Seven” shows us how important it is to share God’s wonderful story so that we will all have a “happily ever after” ending.

Congrations to the Cast on a great run!

Capiche ~ Hannah

Consiglio ~ Ceili Rain

Rispetto ~ Katelyn

Coraggio ~ Wesley

Conoscenza ~ Noah

Riverente ~ Asa

Saggezza ~ EJ

King ~ Kasey

Queen ~ Taylor

Mother ~ Marlis

Prince Devoto ~ Judah

Lilly White ~ Marlis

Huntsman ~Kasey

Specchio ~ Katelyn


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