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The Life And Times of Petunia Butterby

The Life And Times Of Petunia Butterby

The story begins in London, England, 1869 and spans the lifetime of Petunia Butterby into 1950. As an infant, Petunia was left on the doorstep of the Butterby Convent, home to four nuns who raise her in the only way they knew- in devotion to God.  

Petunia was not religious as humans call it, but worshipped God in a very personal way. A relationship that only develops from constant communing. She grows up, becomes a nurse, falls in love, experiences joy, sadness, abundance and loss — all of the experiences that come along with life. But there is something different about Petunia, something that you will never understand unless you meet her.

This is a production that will wipe away any doubt you may have of Heaven, give comfort to you in your grief or loss, confirm the knowledge of a Creator, and leave you with a sentimental longing for your eternal home.  

A beautiful production for the entire family.