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Play The Flute

Exclusive Showings at the Ivory Box Theatre

Did you miss the recent movie nights atThe Ivory Box Theatre? We will be hosting more viewings this summer!



You will want to grab your youth group members and attend these exclusive shows. We are the only place in the Augusta area where you will be able to see this amazing film on the big screen!

“My purpose in making this film was to motivate people to read God’s Word but more importantly get serious about their relationship with the LORD, especially youth.  Sadly, most youth and even most people are not serious about HIM and I think we agree that Jesus is looking for serious followers. I wanted to show a youth Pastor who had his act together.  A guy who was committed and wasn’t going to change the terms of the gospel to reach his students.”

-Rich Christiano, Director

“Play the Flute is fantastic.  Incredible message. Wonderful story.  Praise God for your faithfulness.”

Paul Boge

Winnipeg Christian Film Festival