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The teachers of the  Fall 2018 Children’s Theatre Classes have been hard at work… at having so much fun! 
Our students are not only learning the craft of acting, but also about set building and theatre production. 
We love weaving God’s truth into their lives with each session.

We will be hosting several student demonstrations to showcase their hard work! 

Please see the dates and times below. 

Seating is limited at our Ivory Box Theatre, so please call if you would like to attend. 

We can be reached at (706)771-7777.

Tuesday Class Demo –     Age 8/9     – October 23rd, 2:30 pm
                                            Age 12/13 – October 23rd, 5:30pm
                                            Age 10/11 – October 30th, 4:00pm

Wednesday Class Demo – Age 10/11 –  October 24th,  2:30 p.m. 
                                              Age 8/9     –  October 31st, 4pm