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TEEN Classes

Register for our Teen Classes!

We are excited to be offering performance classes for ages 15 & Up and would love to have your teen join us! Our hope is that this class will be a performing group on the main stage with teens who are serious about acting and ready to further develop their skills!

Class is an hour long, once a week beginning August 17th & 18th and will run for 12 weeks. Tuition is $125. They will perform on the last day of their class inside the theatre, as well as November 6th, outdoors at the Autumn Harvest. 

This session will be on Cain and Abel from Genesis 3:21-4:15.

TEEN Class Times

August 17th - November 2nd

Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:00pm High School Class (15-up)

August 18th - November 3rd

Wednesdays 1:00 – 2:00pm High School Class (15-up)

Performing Teen Class!

We would love for one of these classes to be a performance class and perform for our Preschool, Kinder and Elementary audiences with a junior version of “The Day After A Christmas Carol”.

The story goes that Ebenezer Scrooge had a night of “ghostly” visitations the evening before Christmas Day. It supposedly changed his mind about what Christmas really meant and on Christmas Day he visited the home of his nephew and family.  It was a wonderful celebration as they dined on Christmas dinner and shared memories of days gone by. It truly seemed that Ebenezer had changed his mind, but had his heart been changed?

Our setting is the day after Christmas and we will soon see if that night of “ghostly” visitations had done the trick or if it is going to take another night of sleeplessness for our Mr. Scrooge and a visitation by another ghost — The Holy Ghost.