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The place; a small rural town called Jeru-Salem, where the people are a hardworking, God-fearin’ folk. Many are farmers who believe in working the land to reap what they sow. Joe and Mary Carpenter have fallen into the slow cadence of life in this small town and are raising up their son, Joshua. But Mary has found herself “in the family way” again. This time she is praying for a girl. You’ll meet the other town folk as they gather for prayer meetings, sing those old Gospel songs of days gone by, visit with neighbors and go about their day.

But something is about to change in this little town… a sickness that sweeps across the globe wiping out town after town and now it has hit this little community of Jeru-Salem. There is only one hope, one solution that can save them – The Cure.


Congratulations to the Cast

Main Cast

Mary – Abbie Character

Joe – Scott Hunter

Joshua – Ulric Groves

Young Joshua – Malachi Character, EJ and Andrew Laturell

Catherine Grace – Ceili Rain Character and Hannah Coyle

Reverend Josiah – Bob Matthews and Dave Dillard

Parker Pilot – Russ Gray

Millie Mae Pilot – Heather Massey, Adriana Murray and Debra Ross

Elmira Zachariah – Valarie Chapman and Tammy Carpenter

Doc John – Greg Hatfield

Nurse Thea – Laura Perkins and Ana Corbin


Margie Garner

Stathia Hammond

Christy Munoz

Carol Rezzelle

Hannah Shead

Katie Shead

Lynda Shead

Junior Servers

Marlis Fischer

Wesley Morris

Judah Morris

Ellen Schaeffer

Noah Woo


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