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The Gathering In The Shire

The Gathering In The Shire

This original production was written and directed by Carol Rezzelle, with all music by Marty Goetz.  Mr. Goetz has been called a modern-day psalmist who has composed scriptures beautifully set to music, leaving listeners spiritually moved, inspired, and educated.

This enchanting musical is full of adventure and devotion- a tale of how God’s people desire to worship Him and the importance of fellowship and truth.  The audience will laugh and cry as we take you on an adventure, getting to know the people of the Shire, and the lessons our characters learn along the way.

The Gathering In The Shire is a story of a town, or rather a Shire called Zionia.  King Edwin who seeks God to lead him rules over the land. One day the Lord clearly shows the king that while the years may yield abundantly there could come a time of famine.  And so he begins a search for a candidate to appoint as a Royal Storehouse Regent.

Disguising himself, he and two guards scour the Shire in search of these candidates.  

In the adventure they meet three people they feel could pass the final test- one that would surely show the King who would be best to fill the highly esteemed position.

This is an enchanting musical of adventure and devotion- one of how God’s people desire to worship Him and fellowship with one another.

The beautiful songs throughout this musical are written by Marty Goetz from his album Hope of Glory. This is a two hour and 30 minute musical production for all ages.