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The most important trial in the history of the World.

You are seated in that courtroom

where Governor Pontius Pilate resides.

Witness the testimonies of THE WITNESSES.

Hear the Evidence that ends in a Verdict

that will forever change the

Eternal Destiny of Humankind.

Cast One

Pontius Pilate ~ Ulric Groves

Clerk ~ Russ Gray

Mary Magdelene ~ Kristina Mongillo

Judas ~ Greg Hatfield

Mary Mother ~ Christine Bruner

Jerusha ~ Deana Slaughter

Peter ~ Joey Hilliard

Katuree ~ Abigail Mongillo

Judith ~ Brittany Hutto

Malchus ~ Jarod Handrop

Talisha ~ Shelby Aycox

Procula ~ Stefanie Matthews

Caiphas ~ Chuck Cadle

Petronis ~ Dominic Broglio

Quintus ~ Kasey Gruwell

Servant ~ Valarie Chapman

Nesya ~ Ellen Schaeffer

Cast Two

Pontius Pilate ~ Ulric Groves

Clerk ~ Dave Killough

Mary Magdelene ~ Heather Massey

Judas ~ Greg Hatfield

Mary Mother ~ Carol Rezzelle

Jerusha ~ Abbie Character

Peter ~ Dave Dillard

Katuree ~ Ceili Rain Character

Judith ~ Brittany Rossini

Malchus ~ Jarod Handrop

Talisha ~ Adriana Murray

Procula ~ Marlis Fischer

Caiphas ~ Chuck Cadle

Petronis ~ Judah Morris

Quintus ~ Wesley Morris

Servant ~ Michelle Williamson

Nesya ~ Malachi Character


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