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We are thrilled to introduce our Young ENOPION Performers, a special ensemble comprised of ENOPION students between the ages of 14 and 19.

They have been chosen based upon their abilities and their desire to use their talents for the Lord. They all have taken at least 1 or more years of theatre classes with ENOPION and hope to captivate, inspire and uplift our younger audience, as well as our “young at heart” audience.

Our mission is to ignite the imagination of younger children who often look up to this age group and inspire the next generation to devote themselves to the things of the Lord by seeing their peers doing just that.

How To Become A Young Performer

You will need to take at least one theatre class with ENOPION. We use classes to insure you know all the theatre basics, and they also act as your unofficial audition. Open auditions are not held for this group, as it is invitation only, so you must attend a class if you are interested in joining.


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